Do you want to be a VIP in Forex & CFD trading,?

This is an offer by IFC Markets Corp to become a VIP trader: If you want to stand apart and be a VIP in Forex & CFD trading, IFC Markets offers unique conditions for you! You can enjoy your VIP status taking advantage of exceptional trading conditions : Personal Account Manager Flexible trading conditions (upon agreement with the manager) Assistance by analyst in the creation of investment portfolio with GeWorko Method Deposit/withdrawal funds with the compensation of commissions Up to 10,000 USD / 10,000 EUR / 1,000 000 JPY upfront crediting to your trading account (for margin support of already opened positions upon agreement with the manager, with a copy of bank transfer confirmation) Please note that VIP status is assigned to accounts with trading deposit from 50,000 USD / 50,000 EUR / 5,000,000 JPY. Fill in VIP status request form now and our manager will contact you shortly. Request VIP Status If you have no active trading account, open it now to realize your best trading strategies.
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