the Israeli Securities Authority Wants to Ban Marketing of Binary Options from Israel

If this new regulatory suggestion passes it might put an end to Israel-based binary options call centers. Since the inception of the binary options trading industry, Israel has served as an international hub for platform devopment and marketing technology development. But now it seems this is all might be coming to an end. The regulators in Israel are no longer satisfied with only restricting access to Israeli citizens and now wish to completely prevent the operations of international firms. Prof. Shmuel Hauser, Chairman of the Israeli Securities Authority , has asked Israel's Attorney General to amend the law to make it illegal for all firms to market or produce binary options products from Israel.All Israeli binary options firms are now banned by the Israel Securities Authority from targeting Israelis, but the firms remain free to seek clients abroad. The Israel Securities Authority has rejected the license requests of many forex companies as well. . Thousands of Israelis work in the binary options industry , with an annual turnover estimated in the hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions.