The Online Retail Derivatives Market is Experiencing Exponential growth.

A derivative is a security whose price is dependent upon or derived from one or more underlying assets.. Equity derivatives such as: Forex, Binary Options and CFDs offer retail investors another way to participate in the price action of an underlying security Trading. Volatility is always of concern to investors, and the long-only approach has shown weaknesses.Retail investor interest in derivatives continues to grow as investors learn more about the instruments and see them as an attractive way to hedge against risk and generate income. An influx of day traders in the derivatives market is driving new online trading platforms and specially Binary Options trading platforms.A good example for this type of platform is eToro. Originally launched as a Forex and Binary Options trading platform in 2007, eToro has already become one of the pioneers of social trading – by allowing users to chat, follow and copy each other, as on Twitter and Facebook. The biggest demand for such products comes from East Asia . Nowdays,East Asia’s OTC markets are smaller, less diverse and built on different legal frameworks than those in Europe and the US. This has influenced the pace and detail of regulatory reform, as have other local factors, such as currency controls in some jurisdictions and the varying volumes of trading in particular instruments across the region.

Singapore and Hong Kong are likely to become much bigger markets for retail online derivatives trading  in the future as increased regulation across the region reduced the advantages of regulatory arbitrage that some of the smaller markets have relied upon to attract business in the past.

In order to see the rapid growth one should visit The 4th China Forex Expo that will be taking place on October 2016 at Shenzhen. It is a two-day event for traders, investors, affiliates, IBs, fintech companies and brokers from across China and the world.Tens of thousands attendees are expected at the two-day high-level event are a live evidence to the rapidly growing online financial markets in China,
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