Why the Leading Online Gambling companies Can’t Afford NOT to Accept Bitcoin

Online poker “industry experts” claim that the the most popular online gambling companies are working on Bitcoin integration.
This development is obvious for the following reasons

1. Easier global  banking system means more customers. Many governments around the world try to prevent people from gambling online.  Many players get around these prohibition by using  (VPNs) to play online games for money. Those players are facing problems when it comes to bankin. This is where Bitcoin comes in.  With Bitcoin, you are your own bank.

2.  Bitcoin is cheaper to use than fiat currencies. This is because fiat has to be transferred via third parties (PayPal, banks, Western Union, etc.), and third parties take a fee.

3. Bitcoin eliminates costs of fraud,charge backs, banking, and customer data breach .
  Bitcoin technology ,by now, is mature, widely accepted and ready to be adopted by the mainstream online gambling industry.