Why online gambling fits with a local tax share resolution

Imagine you’re a Pennsylvania lawmaker, and there isn’t a casino in your county. However, your district is surrounded on three of its four sides by counties with casinos, all of which benefit from the local tax share, with several million dollars flowing into their coffers each year.
In this scenario, your primary goal isn’t to reinstate the local tax share, as you and your constituents receive no benefit from it. Instead, it’s to revisit the way taxes are distributed throughout the state and see if you can get some of those tax dollars to trickle into your county.
In effect, you’re arguing that not only does the language need to be fixed, but the original distribution method devised back in 2004 is unfair, and your county is deserving of some of the money. Your goal is to convince your colleagues to change the way the $141 million is distributed.
Where things get complicated is when you try to figure out from where the new slices of the money pie are going to come.
There are basically two options:
The other counties could take a smaller slice.
The size of the pie could be increased by upping the payment casinos are asked to make.

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