Bitcoin Price Rallies to $720 ,reaching $800 level is imminent.

The XTC/USD exchange rate is now back above the $720 per Bitcoin level, marking a jump of about 12% in just a week.
There are few driving forces to this rally.
China had begun a regulatory crackdown on wealth-management products, which indicated that some of the illicit money parked in these shadow bank conduits, which collectively house just shy of $2 trillion in assets, will slowly drift out of the mainland using such capital outflow “proxies” as bitcoin.

Another  driving force behind this recent rally is the expectation that newly released version will finally solve one of the largest issues to plague Bitcoin adoption, limited block size.

Gold and Silver rising prices indicate weakening Dollar.

People who have been following the Bitcoin price will have noticed how the value increased significantly. With one Bitcoin being worth US$712 right now, things are looking a lot better compared to the period in 2015 The market cap has also surpassed the US$11.3bn mark once again, indicating a very bullish Bitcoin trend. Experts predict bitcoin reaching $800 level is imminent.