Dragon’s Tale is the most innovative Bitcoin Casino

Dragon’s Tale is  the most innovative Bitcoin Casino . The website offers a wide assortment of exotic casino games in a 3D virtual world where players will also have the possibility to role-play.

One of the various games you can find in Dragons Tale is the Dragon Statue. Dragon Statue is one of the uncomplicated skill games to play in Dragon’s Tale ,still, it requires complex strategy to master. As such, it is one of the most probably profitable bets for the master player.

The Gameplay is uncomplicated. The scales of the dragon start empty, and with each play, the player risks a certain amount. The only game available on the first, second and third rounds is “Light Touch of Paint,” which randomly paints one of the six scales of the dragon. With each brush of paint, one of the scales becomes color, starting with purple.

Following three brushes of paint, the player gets the opportunity to apply a “Moderate Brush of Paint,” which instantly paints three of the scales of the dragon. These three brushstrokes can operate any combination of scales, or even the same scale all three times. This costs the same as applying a single brushstroke. The impact on the game is that if there were any payouts in the first two brushstrokes, the player misses those and is only paid for the final result after all brushstrokes are applied. If any of the brushstrokes hits a red scale, it becomes black and this finishes the game.